Norwalk Music Festival starts in Ohio

Harbourtown plays the opening parade at the 2018 Norwalk Music Festival – photo © Bill Warren

The Norwalk Music Festival kicks of on Thursday evening at the fairgrounds in Norwalk, Ohio. Early arrivals got to see both the 4th of July parade and the fireworks at the fairgrounds. Host band, Harbourtown, entertained parade watchers from a float, and promoter Kurt Hickman says that he is looking for this to be the biggest and best festival so far. Jamming has been pretty much non-stop since Tuesday.

Since Blue Mafia will be unable to perform this weekend, Lori Lambert and Kurt Hickman have come up with a fun way to fill their spot, and raise money for a worthwhile cause. Tony Hickman, Kurt’s father, died from Alzheimer’s disease and Kurt has made a donation each year that he has run the festival in Tony’s name. In his honor, and to increase what they can donate this year, he and Lori will put together two all-star bands consisting of members of the bands at the festival. They will fill Blue Mafia’s time slots, and play a bluegrass version of “Stump the Band” with the audience.

Members of the crowd will have the opportunity to have any song they request played by the band on stage for a $5 donation, and the titles will be drawn from a bucket. If they complete the song, they move on to the next, but if they can’t do it, each band member must donate another dollar to the pot.

There will also be a donation booth on site staffed by musicians performing at the festival. Fans will get an extra opportunity to visit with their favorite pickers, in exchange for a small donation for Alzheimer’s research. Kurt and Lori are hoping to raise an additional $500 over and above their usual donation this year.

Come on out to the Norwalk fairgrounds to see local bands, regional bands, and national touring bands and then hang around for some great jamming.