No Speed Limit In Japan

Sweet Virginia by No Speed LimitWell, that’s a bit misleading I suppose. They do, I’m sure, have speed limits in Japan. The band No Speed Limit is not traveling to Japan anytime soon that I am aware of. They are, however, being listened to there. And written about on my favorite Japanese bluegrass blog. If you don’t read Japanese, here it is in English.

It seems Nino discovered the Virginia band, No Speed Limit, via internet radio and purchased the CD Sweet Virginia via iTunes. What a wonderful world we live in. Someone half way around the world can hear your music on the internet, and immediately purchase your album, listen to it, and begin telling others about it.

I thought that was worth telling you about. And if you haven’t heard No Speed Limit, then take a minute and give Sweet Virginia a listen. The CD is available for purchase directly from the band on their site. They have an audio player on the site, to the left under the links, but it didn’t tell me what I was listening to. Four songs are available for your listening pleasure on their myspace page, or you can hear samples of all the songs on iTunes.