Nick Chandler & Delivered make the most out of quarantining

If you spend any time on social media, you have probably encountered one of these new types of videos, with members of some sort of musical ensemble collaborating on a recording with social distancing in mind. We have found them from rock bands to symphony orchestras, and everything in between.

Many times they are using an iPhone app called Acapella, which was designed initially for a single singer to create a sort of video multitask, which allowed them to harmonize with themselves by adding additional tracks to a selfie video. Home-bound pickers have figured out that it can also be used to create band performances on video, which can then be saved and posted to social media.

One bluegrass group using Acapella to accomplish just that is Nick Chandler & Delivered. Like everyone else, their shows have been cancelled and the band members have been restricted to home base, ruling out even the possibility of rehearsal. So Nick hooked the guys up with the app, and they individually created videos of their parts on I Might Take You Back Again, famously recorded previously by The Kentucky Colonels and The Bluegrass Album Band.

Nick is on mandolin and lead vocal, with Gary Trivette on bass and tenor vocal, Spencer Hatcher on banjo, and Hudson Bosworth on guitar.

Well done, boys!

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