New Videos On YouTube

Hi everyone,

Hope this message finds you well. Just a brief update: In addition to the Lester Flatt Style Instructional Videos I’ve been uploading to YouTube I uploaded a new video today which is not instructional.

( ) This video is a recording the band I play in, The Tipton Hill Boys, have made as part of a project that is scheduled for release in the spring of 2009 on Red Clay Records. We intend to make a full “CMT” type video of the song but I simply don’t have time to work on that right now. You will see a fireplace in the video and I left the sound of the fire because I thought it added to the song.

Hopefully you will enjoy the video/song and if you’ve never heard these guys play then I’m excited to see what everyone thinks of George Buckner, banjo and vocals, and Kevin Sluder, bass and vocals. (Kevin is singing lead on the verses and tenor on the choruses)

We are going for a “Flatt and Scruggs meets the Osborne Brothers” sound, hopefully with our own twist on some aspects of it.

Incidentally, I’ll be posting the “E Chord/Six White Horses” video on Thursday for this weeks instructional video. I’ve had several people ask me
about that particular lick so I’ve decided to use it for this week’s lesson.

Have a nice day and thanks again for all the support.

Happy holidays

Chris Sharp