New Recording King Madison banjos

Recording King has introduced two new banjo models in their budget-conscious Madison line, one targeted at bluegrass pickers and the other at old timers.

For three finger players, the RK-R36 is a tone ring banjo with a mahogany neck and resonator, and a one-piece flange. Like the Mastertone-style banjos on which it is based, it features a rosewood fingerboard, three-ply maple rim, nickel plated hardware and dual coordinator rod.

The RK-OT25 is its old time cousin, an open-back model with a scooped fretboard and no-knot tailpiece.

The only pricing information available from Recording King at this time is that these two new models start at $499.99. Further details can likely be obtained from one of Recording King’s many dealers worldwide.

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  • Shawn Cramer

    I am the type of guy who tries to spend my money on American made products if possible. Is it possible to mention the country of manufacture on further instrument reviews? It would definitely help all of us “buy American” types.

  • Shawn Cramer

    Oops, I meant to say FUTURE instrument reviews, not further. 😉

    • Everything from Recording King is Chinese-made, though the instruments are set up in their US shop.

    • That’s a good suggestion – thanks.

  • Shawn Cramer

    Appreciate the info John!