New on the blog

Hi ya’ll out there,I’m new on the blog,and I wanted to tell a little about myself. I’m eat up with Bluegrass.I live in Jacksonville Texas.I’m learning to play the Banjo,my banjo teacher’s name is Don Eaves,he’s with a band called Hickory Hill,they are real good.He plays the Banjo like Earl Scruggs.I’m 14 years old.I love the old Bluegrass the most, I love Bill Monroe,Ralph Stanley and The Clinch Mountain Boys,The Del McCoury Band,Jessie McRenolds and The Virgina Boys,The Lewis Family,Hickory Hill,and TONS more.I also like to Bowl some.But most of all I love Bluegrass music. My name on here is Maudie,but it’s not my real name.