New Jim Hurst record on the horizon

We caught up with Jim Hurst over the weekend, and he shared news about a new recording – welcome news to the many fans of this richly-awarded, highly-virtuosic guitarist.

Intrepid is in the final stages of release, and should be available soon.

This recording is representative of what my solo performances are – one man and his guitar. I have one quartet gospel song with my guitar, but all the other songs are just me. There is a variety to the song selection but not quite as varied as my latest CD, A Box of Chocolates.

Recorded with Scott Vestal at his Digital Underground Studio, I am happy with the musical effort and the song selection. Unlike my other recordings where I use a few instruments, Intrepid features one guitar, my Jim Hurst model Gallagher. It’s versatile and I think represents the Gallagher brand and my styles of playing incredibly well. Scott and I also utilized the Fishman Auro Pro system in the recording along with some of Scott’s mics and pre-amps. The Aura system in my guitar has exclusive Jim Hurst guitar ‘Imaging’ and I am extremely happy with that. I will share a separate mix of this recording using only the Aura Pro/JH model guitar sounds (without mics) on my website at some point, so folks can hear the incredible sound of the system.

I feel like this recording is possibly the most important one in my career at this point. Again, it is representative of what I do in my solo performances, and I think that is important for engagement prospects and event producers, and my friends and followers. Ultimately, they’ll be the judge…”

Jim is currently on tour with reso wizard Rob Ickes, offering duet shows and workshops through mid-December. Like this…

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