New Bluegrass Podcast for Kids

Cathy & Marcy's Song ShopCathy Fink & Marcy Marxer have recently launched their first podcast, Cathy & Marcy’s Song Shop. The target audience is kids, or families with kids. The podcast is intended to be a sing-along, play-along, laugh-along adventure for kids.

The first episode was entitled It’s Better When We Sing It Together and the second episode is It’s a Shame. Each podcast features a song by the same title and the children are encouraged to participate and sing along. The videos are taped with a live audience so there is on screen participation as well.

If you have you children and they are into music at all, this may be something you’ll want to check out. Cathy & Marcy tell me they are planning other Folk and Bluegrass podcasts in the future, so we’ll be watching for that.

Both of the existing episodes, along with all future ones, can be watched online. You can also subscribe to the feed from the same page to have the podcasts delivered via iTunes or whichever podcatcher you prefer.