New armrest cover from BanjoLit

When BanjoLit introduced their handmade wooden banjo armrest, Dr Arm, back in 2015, it seemed a certainty that they would eventually get around to the development of this latest product, the Cover Banjo Armrest.

The earliest models were designed to help with a malady that affects more than a few banjo pickers – an allergy or aversion to the nickel plating that is almost universal on banjo parts. Some players develop a rash where the forearm rests against the instrument, and others find that their skin chemistry causes the nickel to quickly discolor and rub off, exposing the brass below.

BanjoLit decided to make a replacement armrest made from instrument grade hardwoods that could be used as a replacement on most modern or vintage banjos. One merely had to loosen the two bolts that held the part in place against the brackets, and swap it out with the new one.

Not only did the problems with nickel aversion go away, many pickers felt that the polished wood enhanced their instruments’ visual appeal. Soon the company had devised a Dr Arm for mandolin as well, more to allow the top to vibrate freely without your forearm contacting it than for skin conditions. Both banjo and mandolin players have also reported greater comfort using these replacement parts.

And now the Cover Banjo Armrest has arrived, using the same maple, mahogany, or walnut components as before, but in a configuration that simply fits over the stock metal armrest for an instant conversion. Two strips of adhesive hold the Dr Arm cover in place. They are handmade in the Slovak Republic to fit the standard armrest dimensions (174.5 mm x 27.5 mm; 6.870” x 1.083”).

This brief video shows the simple installation.

The Dr Arm Cover Banjo Armest sells for between $39-$45, depending on finish options. Orders can be placed online.

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