Nedski and Mojo Travelogue – Day 8

Ned Luberecki and Stephen Mougin are a pair of busy bluegrass boys. Both serve as sidemen and band members with different outfits (Chris Jones and Sam Bush respectively), and have “regular jobs” in the biz as well. Ned is an on-air host on Sirius-XM’s Bluegrass Junction, and Stephen operates a studio, Dark Shadow Recording. When they have some free time, they tour as a duo, Nedski & Mojo.

They have agreed to chronicle their current N&M tour for the readers of Bluegrass Today. Day 8 finds our heroes with one last show in New York before starting the long journey home.

Day 8 begins at Casa de Mojo again! Two nights in the same bed and two mornings with wonderful, home-cooked meals. Awesome! Before we left we took a moment to grab “The Pose” with Kallie Ann, my parents’ prized bird dog. She had been pestering us to take the photo since we arrived late Saturday night. I guess she saw the one with Baxter and Mack!

Before heading to Hudson Falls, NY we decided to take a slight detour past the old family farm. I tried to get Nedski to take “The Pose” with my cousins’ oxen, but he thought that might be a bad idea. He’s probably right. If you want to see some beautiful scenery, this route had it in spades.

Tonight’s show was at the American Legion hall where folks gather every Monday for a bluegrass jam. They were gracious enough to allow us to perform during part of their jamming time. Tonight’s ticket included a spaghetti dinner and the show, followed by an hour of pickin’ and singin’. The audience participation was enthusiastic when we hit our big sing-a-long numbers. We even had them help us write a song… come to a show to see what we mean!

Once again, we had them lining up to do the pose! First up was a guy who started a bidding war for our last T Shirt. A young guitar picker named Cody Belden joined us for a couple of poses and we got to pick with him during the after-show jam. Bluegrass is in good hands!

We had fun jamming with some of the regulars and guests including Bluegrass DJ Nick Barr.

Tonight’s show wouldn’t have happened without our friends at A B& B On The Green, Elaine and Fran Sweenor. She’s the one playing my guitar in the jam session photo (the excuse that she forgot to bring her own, just wasn’t going to cut it).

It’s late (again) and we need to leave early (again). The GPS says it’s 17 hours back to Nashville, which is fine except that the GPS doesn’t need to eat, use the restroom, or fuel! Catch us on I-81, we’ll be there most of the day!