MusicLine by Stephanie P. Ledgin

Stephanie P. LedginBluegrass lover and music journalist Stephanie P. Ledgin has just announced a new service called MusicLine. In today’s fast-paced world, Ledgin saw a problem and developed a solution. The problem is that music publications are overloaded with new products (recordings, videos, and books) awaiting review. With this backlog, some products never get that published review, others come too late to be useful in timely marketing campaigns by the artist.

The solution is Ledgin’s MusicLine Reviews. A MusicLine Review is a quick turnaround service providing promotional quotes written by a professional journalist, that the artist or author can use for publicity and marketing campaigns. These are the sort of quotes that are often called “blurbs” and look much better when used in a marketing piece, if they can be attributed to a professional journalist rather than your mother or best friend.

What does a service like this cost? $12. That’s right, for a mere $12 you can have a professionally written blurb for your project in two weeks or less.

For another $12 you can list your product or event in Ledgin’s MusicLine Marketplace. This basically looks like a classified ad including: artist/event/product name, date, venue, city, state, web site link. Your ad lives on in the Marketplace for 12 weeks.

If you have a recording or product you’d like to promote and need a nice blurb to ad to your marketing pieces, this seems like a nice, inexpensive alternative to waiting for a review in a music publication with a 90 day lead time and a huge backlog.

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