More Telluride photos

On Saturday morning, the town of Telluride had a haziness to it that could only mean that the smoke from the wildfires had penetrated the high peaks, and had somehow made it into the box canyon. Speculating or assuming that the  smoke was coming from a fire close to my hometown of Pagosa Springs, we figured that with the correct wind direction, it was a possibility. We soon discovered however, that a new wildfire had started and was burning near the town of Mancos a few ridges over. All told, by Sunday afternoon, 7 wildfires were burning in the state of Colorado, and it is still only June. Could make for an interesting summer.

Luckily the smoke never got too bad and Telluride Bluegrass was once again an amazing time! Next year is the 40th anniversary of this fabulous festival, and the lineup will surely be stacked with stellar musicians once again.

I hope you enjoy the pics as much as I did shooting them!


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Jason Lombard

Jason Lombard's is a Colorado-based photographer. His first concert was an Iron Maiden show in 1981 at a small venue in England. He has been a live music fan ever since, and bluegrass has been an integral chapter in his lifelong quest to keep exploring and finding bands and musicians to watch and listen to. His photography is simply an extension of that desire.