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Crafters Of TennesseeLast month we told you about a PodCast on UNC-TV that provided a glimpse of the work that goes into making a fiddle.

Now we learn of another instance where television has highlighted the craftsmanship associated with the building of musical instruments. In this latest view of the life of luthiers Nashville Public Television visited Crafters of Tennessee at their workshops in Old Hickory. What they found there was aired in a recent Tennessee Crossroads programme.

Crafters of Tennessee is run by Mark Taylor, legendary resonator guitarist Robert ‘Tut’ Taylor’s son.

I asked Mark about the programme …..

“Tennessee Crossroads TV show contacted me a few years back and heard of my building musical instruments here in Tennessee. They approached me about doing a story on me. They came and filmed about 5 hours, and then aired the TV show. It has enlightened many people of our existence, since I have building for almost 40 years. They just recently re-aired the show this past week, and I also have that TV show on YouTube.”

The Crafters of Tennessee website has a product listing, picture gallery and a history page among its features. They build a variety of banjos, resophonic guitars, guitars and mandolins.

My thanks to Sharon Collie Smith for bringing this to our attention.

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  • Douglas

    Crafters of Tennessee & Mark Taylor, Liar, cheat, thief! Ripoff Artist Supreme!
    I paid $2100USD certified cheque to Crafters of Tennessee in March of 2006 to build a custom TN10 Dobro guitar. Mark Taylor (the son of the famous Dobro player, ‘Tut Taylor’) is the builder and owner of the company. My order was to have been completed by June 1, 2006. My certified cheque was cashed and deposited into their company bank account on April 5, 2006. The instrument was never built or shipped. I have all the correspondence and cancelled cheque to prove this.

    Mark Taylor spent the next 2 ½ years ignoring me, lying to me, making broken promises and avoiding my correspondence until, after threatening him with legal action, he finally admitted he screwed up.

    Finally, he said he was so embarrassed by what had happened that he promised to return my money and also build and ship the custom instrument I had ordered, just to show his good will. Now, more than three years later, all I have gotten is more lies and deception from Mark Taylor, liar, cheat and thief.

    I have filed a complaint against him and his company with the Nashville Better Business Bureau but, of course, they have no power to bring him to justice on my behalf.

    NEVER deal with the criminal liar, cheat and thief Mark Taylor or Crafters of Tennessee. He will steal your money and smugly treat you like garbage. If you value your hard earned dollars, stay clear of this fine example of Tennessee pond sludge! He is a disgrace to his State, a disgrace to the Nashville music community and a disgusting blight on his famous father’s reputation.