Molly Burns video from Crandall Creek

Crandall Creek, a multi-generational bluegrass band based in West Virginia and Pennsylvania, has accomplished one of the rarest feats in the music industry – harder even than keeping a family band together as the siblings become adults. They have evolved in a few short years from a casual, part time group that performed primarily to spread good cheer, to a touring and recording act making noise in the bluegrass world.

Founders and co-leaders Jerry Andrews and Kathy Wigman Lesnock have made the jump by continuously upgrading the band over the past few years. They always had the songs, as both are fine songwriters, and with stronger performers at all positions these days, Crandall Creek is a band to watch. If you first heard them in 2020, you need to give this bunch a second look.

Their latest single, Molly Burns, tells a mournful tale of a young couple trying to run away together, only to be thwarted by her father, the ill-tempered Clayton Burns, who fires on them as they cross the river. Rather than spoil the ending, let’s just say that sometimes you never really know.

Along with Jerry on guitar and Kathy on vocals, Crandall Creek is Dustin Terpenning on banjo, Anna Dunham on lead vocal, Mason Atha on bass, and Hanna Livingston on fiddle.

Have a look and listen in the music video created for this song.

Molly Burns is available now for download purchase from the Crandall Creek web site. It will pop up soon from the popular download and streaming services. Radio programmers can get the track from AirPlay Direct.

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