MoJam in Jersey

Jay Ungar leading the MoJamIn some parts of the country jams are easy to find. In Nashville it’s not at all uncommon to find a jam with a “superstar” picker or two involved. In New Jersey that might prove more difficult, unless you attend the MoJam that is!

The New York Times ran a story over the weekend telling of a regular concert/jam at MoFiddles in Livingston, NJ.

It’s an interesting concept, and one that has been well received. The event is a combination concert and jam session. The evening begins with a concert performed by an acoustic artist, followed by an open jam session hosted by that artist. The event attended by the NYT author featured fiddler Jay Ungar and guitarist Molly Mason.

The next event, this Thursday February 5th, is to be hosted by John Carlini. John’s event will feature not a concert, but a workshop, followed by a jam session. Space is limited so you must RSVP if you’d like to attend.

Read the New York Times story for some background info on the fiddle shop and a description of the event. Sounds like fun!