Mayor of Bluegrass – Election Update

Vote for Mayor of BluegrassEarlier this month we brought you news that Wichita Rutherford had announced his campaign for the office of Mayor of Bluegrass. We’ve been carefully watching his campaign, along with that of competitor Trent Dobbins. Wichita recently visited Washington to share his plans for bluegrass, should he win, with the powers that be.

Neither candidate has suffered from any controversy at this point in the election cycle and both are running clean campaigns. That sure makes me proud of bluegrass!

Wichita seems to be a little more accessible to the bluegrass populace, while Mr. Dobbins has been unreachable for the last week. Early polling results show Wichita with a slight lead, but it may be to soon to call it.

Voting is very simple, just visit for instructions on how to cast your vote.

In a stroke of campaign brilliance, Wichita is associating himself with bluegrass stars by directing attention to his interviews with such fan favorites as Sam Bush. What impact this will have on likely voters is yet to be seen, but I think it’s a good move on his part.