Wichita Rutherford runs for Mayor of Bluegrass

Wichita's Campaign ButtonWith the recent mid-term elections behind us, it’s now time to start the campaigning for the really important stuff, Mayor of Bluegrass. Wichita Rutherford has just announced his decision to run for the office over on his blog. The only other candidate to announce a bid for the position is Trent Dobbins. Mr. Dobbins is a real estate appraiser in Harrison County Mississippi.

UPDATE 12/2/2006: It seems we had the wrong Trent Dobbins. The Mr. Dobbins who is running against Wichita in this election is actually an importer of  organic salmon and he lives in Beverly Hills.

Wichita is exuding confidence at this point in the campaign.

The opposition, Trent Dobbins, is a fine man I’m sure, but I’m the best man for the job.

Wichita’s confidence may be well founded as early polling suggests Wichita has a slight lead amongst likely voters.

Neither candidate has yet to announce a platform or take a stance on the issues facing voters during this election cycle. Personally I’d like to hear what each of them has to say about the following issues.

  1. Will they increase the number of bluegrass police officers present at jam sessions to prevent terrorists from playing tupperware guitars?
  2. Is it bluegrass if it doesn’t have a banjo?
  3. And finally, what are they going to do about the unemployment rate among banjo players?

We’ll do some research and bring you more information about the candidates and what they believe in the coming weeks. You can read Wichita’s complete announcement here.