Mayor of Bluegrass – Campaign Ads

Rutherford vs. DobbinsI’ve been watching the latest round of campaign ads by the candidates that are running for Mayor of Bluegrass and I’ve got a couple comments.

First of all Trent Dobbins. This guy is an importer of organic salmon? He’s pretty scary looking if you ask me. I wouldn’t eat anything this guy tried to sell me! And is it just me, or does he sound a little bit like Ernest T. Bass? You can watch his two campaign ads here and here.

Now about Wichita. His ads are well done as expected. He is, after all, a podcasting superstar and has some experience being in front of the camera what with the Van Heffer thing and all. My only question is this, who is the announcer in those ads? It almost sounds like the guy that does the voice over at the beginning of the western Tombstone. I don’t think it is, but his voice is similar and very impressive sounding. You can see his ads here and here.

I’m going to have to come out in support of Wichita in this election. If you are still on the fence be sure to listen to the Lester Flatt interview I mentioned earlier, it might change your mind.

Links to the ads on Wichita’s Blog

  • ctrcityrp

    Will someone please explain exactly what this is about?

  • A.J. Fuller

    And if you can explain that, can you also address why Wichita is putting this stuff out on his podcast feed rather than new interviews or relevant Bluegrass related content?

    I am a long time fan and subscriber, but it has been so long since any new shows hit the feed I have just about given up. And while it may be somewhat amusing, this new stunt is not really helping to convince me otherwise…

  • WHO CARES about this guy? He is the main (but not only) reason I no longer listen to Sirus bluegrass..!!

    Get back to bluegrass news…

  • I still listen to Sirius, but never at 11:00 AM ET Wednesday. I am embarrassed for Bluegrass when I hear him. We have struggled with our image for years, and yet we give a character like this precious air time. The fact that it is an act, does not make it more acceptable. Let’s find someone to feature who displays at least a “room temperature” IQ, even a cold room will do, but not below freezing, as with Wichita.