releases two new books

The Mandolin HandbookBrad Laird at has just published two new books for mandolinists.

The first book is titled The Mandolin Handbook – An Owner’s Manual. The book’s purpose is to help the mandolin owner better understand how their instrument was built, how it funcitons, and how they can better care for the instrument and even improve its sound. Brad delves into making setup adjustments, selecting accessories, protecting the instrument, and more. He also lets you know up front that certain things are better left to those who are experts, but gives you tips on how to find a qualified luthier you can trust.

The book is 80 pages, 8.5 X 11 spiral bound and costs $22, plus shipping and handling of course.

Mandolin ExcursionMandolin Excursion – 44 Tunes & Solos To Improve Your Playing is the title of Brad’s second newly published book. This book is the third in a series and presents 44 tunes intended to broaden your repertoire and improve your playing.

The arrangements range from downright easy to challenging, but all of them are playable with some practice by average musicians…

…This is a learn by doing method. In some cases I have presented multiple versions of the same tune, each one progressively more challenging.

The book includes tablature and backup chords along with explanatory text and author’s notes on each tune. Mandolin Excursion is 32 pages and coil bound. It costs $15 plus shipping and handling.

PDF previews of both books are available at where they are also for sale via paypal.