Lord of the Fiddle-Face?

The best fiddle-face?I ran across this story over the weekend while I was doing some browsing.

SooToday.com is a news reporting website for Sault Ste. Marie, Canada. It seems they don’t know much about fiddling at SooToday. They think this photo represents mastery of “fiddle-face,” which they define as

The demanding art of disfiguring your face like a rock guitarist

We could argue that definition itself. Who says rock guitarists set the standard for facial disfigurement? Anyway…as I thought about it I became increasingly convinced that the best “fiddle-face” masters are to be found in the bluegrass fiddling community. A quick google images search held up my hypothesis.

Randy Crouch demonstrates a great fiddle face.

Bobby Hicks has a stern fiddle face

Jim Van Cleve's fiddle face with Barry Abernathy providing a banjo face in the background

Alison has an angry fiddle face

Nicky Sanders of Steep Canyon Rangers

I’m sure many of you may have images even to rival these. Well, go ahead and send them in and we’ll post a gallery of the best “fiddle faces” in bluegrass.

Send your “fiddle face” photo to images@bluegrasstoday.com.