Lonesome River Band adds last free audio track

The last of five free audio tracks from Lonesome River Band is available for download on the band’s web site. Sammy Shelor decided to put these full length tracks up on the site in February of this year as a way to introduce the band’s new lineup when Barry Berrier and Shannon Slaughter came on board. All five are re-recordings of songs that had been cut and released by previous editions of LRB, and Sammy figured that making the comparison plain was the best way to show that the new lineup was as powerful as what had come before.

This newest track is the recut version of Raleigh And Spencer, which had originally appeared on their Head On Into Heartache CD. The other free tracks are re-recordings of Pretty Little Girl, Tears In My Tracks, Perfume, Powder and Lead, and Down The Line. There is no charge to download these tracks, but a quick, free registration is required.

Sammy also mentions on the LRB site that they have begun work on the band’s next studio release, which they hope to have by August of this year.