Lewis, Scruggs & Long: Lifetimes

L-R (back) Kevin Ward (producer), Janna Ward (VP of A&R, Vine Records), Wayne Haun (producer). L-R (front) Little Roy Lewis, Earl Scruggs and  Lizzy LongBack in January, John posted about a CD in the works from new comer Lizzy Long. The CD was released last week and includes a bonus DVD featuring interviews with all three artists, and discussions about the recording process.

What is interesting about the CD is the involvement of both Earl Scruggs and Little Roy Lewis on the CD of a relatively unknown 23 year old artist. They also appeared on stage with Long at the CD release part last week, held at the Station Inn in Nashville.

Scruggs treated the packed crowd to his legendary talents on the banjo, demonstrated his understated humor by helping 23-year-old Elizabeth remember her words, and contributed harmony vocals to several songs.

Little Roy Lewis, known for his banter and showmanship on guitar, autoharp and banjo, called the night “a dream come true,” and easily proved to the crowd why he is the 7-time GMA/Dove Award-winning front man for The Lewis Family.

Elizabeth “Lizzy” Long also impressed the audience with her fiddle playing and her

memorable vocals and harmonies to bring life to original and classic songs

Lewis, Scruggs, and Long: Lifetimes is on the Vine Records label and should be available now at stores inclined to carry such music.

Photo courtesy of Aaron Crisler for gospelmusicupdate.com