Leftover Salmon in Denver

I live 5 hours from Denver and in the summer it is an easy, sometimes busy drive. This time of year it can be clear, beautiful and not a bit problematic. It can also involve full-on winter conditions. For my Friday trip to shoot Leftover Salmon, the latter ruled the day and the 5 hour drive took 7.

I had been given the opportunity to photograph the band at the Ogden Theatre in Denver, and when I checked the weather forecast it looked manageable, maybe even enjoyable. With small amounts of accumulation expected, I even got a late start for my drive. I left the San Juan mountains heading north, enduring Thanksgiving holiday traffic, whiteout conditions, raging winds, the Continental Divide, and finally onto Colfax Avenue and into the Ogden. Quite hairy, indeed.

Fortunately, things quickly improved, and Leftover Salmon put on a killer energized 2-set show for a packed house.  t was a 2 night event but unfortunately I could only stay for the Friday night show.  Check out their website here for more info on upcoming shows, and also a mid-winter tour of the inter-mountain west. Should be fun!

Enjoy the pics.

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Jason Lombard's is a Colorado-based photographer. His first concert was an Iron Maiden show in 1981 at a small venue in England. He has been a live music fan ever since, and bluegrass has been an integral chapter in his lifelong quest to keep exploring and finding bands and musicians to watch and listen to. His photography is simply an extension of that desire.