Larry Cordle: Took Down and Put Up

Larry CordleXM Radio recently broke the news that Larry Cordle had signed with Lonesome Day Records. The label will release his new album, Took Down and Put Up, later this summer.

I was able to talk with Larry via email about the new CD and the deal with Lonesome Day Records. He tells me this is the first of two CDs covered by the deal.

Randall & I had talked early on (right after the cd was finished late last fall) about the possibility of working together…….I had other offers to consider at the time & was still toying around with the idea of putting the cd out by myself…….after listening to the other offers that were extended me & deciding against them I called Randall to see if he was still interested in what I had recorded & what I had in mind going forward …….we have been friends for about 6 or 7 years & we were (thankfully) able to put together a 2 record deal.

The first single to be release off the new CD will be a tune penned by Chris Stuart, The First Train Robbery. This is one of 5 songs on the CD not written or co-written by Cordle himself. The other 9 cuts have come directly from Cordle’s pen over the last 30 years.

These songs from my catalog include songs from my early writing days as in “The Hero of the Creek”, (about a lifelong friend of mine from Eastern Kentucky who sadly passed away on Nov 1, 2006 before he got to hear the record of my tribute to him) which was written in 1979 or 1980. Other songs from the not too distant past, such as, “Song For Keith”, “Rough Around The Edges”, “67 Chevy Malibu”, “B.Y.O.B.” were written in the mid to late 90’s, to just really, really new stuff like “Hole In The Ground”, “Old Cheater’s Blues”, “I’m A Lie”, etc……which were written over the last 12 to 18 months.

Larry Cordle is a legendary songwriter having penned a string of #1 country hits starting with “Highway 40 Blues” and with no end in sight. This CD will be a chance to hear more of his great songs sung by himself and backed by a stellar bluegrass band.

It looks like Cordle’s MySpace page includes two songs from the new CD, so click on over for a listen.

Cordle was excited about this CD saying it is the band’s first release in over 4 years and he’s eager for fans to hear it.

We are excited to bring this new cd to our fans who have never wavered in their support and who have incessantly e-mailed & constantly asked me when we were gonna get them some new music from the band…… I know I speak for the entire band when I say how proud we are of the CD. We feel like it’s our finest work to date and to all of those who have steadfastedly supported us, we would like to say thanks, God bless & hopefully we’ll see you at a live show somewhere this summer.