Land video released from Unspoken Tradition

Mountain Home Music has released a music video to accompany the new single from western North Carolina’s Unspoken Tradition.

Land is written and sung by the Tradition’s guitarist, Audie McGinnis, who says that he is recalling the classic home truth that you can’t make more land.

Land is about my fear that we are doing irreversible damage to our home. I left the very small town I grew up in to live in one of the largest cities in North Carolina. It seemed like everywhere I looked, nature was being choked out by concrete, and the city seemed to gain nothing in culture or identity. It made me miss the open farmland that surrounded the area where I grew up, a place that was teeming with local color. Land reminds us of what should be important and that which can never be replaced. We can pave over it, we can build skyscrapers on it, but we’ll never be able to make more of it. We have to protect what’s been given to us.”

McGinnis is joined by bandmates Lee Shuford on bass, Zane McGinnis on banjo, Ty Gilpin on mandolin, and Tim Gardner on fiddle.

The single is available for download purchase now from all the popular sites, and to radio programmers at AirPlay Direct.

Land will be included on the debut Unspoken Tradition project for Mountain Home. Additional singles from this album will be released throughout the year.

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