John Jorgenson remembers Louise Scruggs

John Jorgenson is an internationally recognized master of gypsy jazz guitar, and a first rate bluegrass guitarist and mandolinist to boot. He has been been a member of Earl Scruggs’ stage band on many occasions.

I feel very honored to have gotten the chance to get to know Louise. She was an amazing manager for Earl and whoever he was playing with. She was always unassuming, but had a very keen business sense and was very astute with her assessment of the importance of image and positioning for her artists. I also felt like I became a member of her extended family, and she treated me with lots of kindness, humor and respect.

I have nothing but respect for Louise as a pioneer in a male-dominated business, as a wife and mother, and as a person with high moral values. She will be missed a lot, and I hope that her contributions to the music business on the whole will one day be realized.

Best, John Jorgenson