John Hartford Recordings

I’m considering adding several John Hartford recordings to my collection.  At present we only have “Good Old Boys.”  I notice from his web site that he recorded thirty CDs.  I’d like to narrow this down to the two or three best.  Any suggestions? – Ted

  • Zach

    I haven’t listened to much early Hartford; I hear it’s different, but still great and I’ve been meaning to get some. Either way, here are some of my favorites in no particular order. It’s so hard to narrow it down!

    Steam Powered Aereo-Plain – the obvious choice, for obvious reasons. great musicians, great songs, great vibe.

    Mark Twang – this album is just him accompanying himself with one instrument, and foot taps. it really showcases how awesome a performer he was. the julia belle swain is a great song.

    Morning Bugle – this album is sweet…I don’t know what else to say. I like it.

    Nobody Knows What You Do – “you don’t have to do that” is a fabulous song. this album also includes quite possibly my favorite Hartford song, Tall Buildings