John Bowman auctioning a mandolin for Harvey relief

The hard hitting wind and rain of hurricane Harvey was devastating throughout many areas of Texas and Louisiana along the shoreline of the Southern United States. Since that time many organizations, like the Red Cross, have stepped up to help provide aid to those in need, and now victims are also being helped by one of our own, John Bowman.

John is currently accepting bids on a Eastman model 305 A style mandolin he purchased from Carter Vintage in Nashville, TN, with the promise that all funds captured through its sale will be donated to help hurricane victims. As of this morning the top bid was $500.00 with additional pledges totaling $400.00.

According to John, he had been praying about what he could do to help the victims of the hurricane when the idea to sell one of his instruments came to mind. Those wishing to bid or pledge to help hurricane victims are encouraged to do so by communicating directly with John through his Facebook page.

The winner will be announced Monday morning. We’ll do our best to update our readers with the auction results.

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John Curtis Goad

John Goad is a graduate of the East Tennessee State University Bluegrass, Old Time & Country Music program, with a Masters degree in both History and Appalachian Studies from ETSU.