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Jim Lauderdale: The Bluegrass DiariesJim Lauderdale has just wrapped up shooting and editing his new music video for This Is The Last Time I’m Ever Gonna’ Hurt, from his current Yep Roc Records release, The Bluegrass Diaries.

Shooting took place in the Fanny Mae Dees park in the Hillsboro Village neighborhood of Nashville – where Jim does Tai Chi every morning. Director Harold Jarboe developed a concept based on the notion that the only way to avoid getting hurt is to cut yourself off from all human – and even animal – contact.

After being painfully and publicly dumped on a park bench, Jim calls in a bevy of bodyguards to protect him from the possibility of future hurt. They are dressed and behave like Secret Service agents, played by various musicians who tracked with Jim on The Bluegrass Diaries (Jay Weaver, Randy Kohrs, Richard Bailey, Aaron Till) as well as Darren Shoemaker (Ronnie Bowman band) and Ollie O’Shea (Lauderdale touring band).

Ashley Brown of Randy Kohrs & The Lites was involved in the shoot, and passed along some inside details.

“To incorporate some of Jim’s true character, he dressed up in a Manuel suit with Yin-Yang symbols all over it and we shot him doing Tai Chi in the park, surrounded by the “secret-service bodyguards.” Needless to say, we got some pretty odd looks from onlookers!

Much of the video was shot in Randy’s “award-winning” Slack Key Studio diner. I have a scene, where I play a stereotypical hard-edged waitress, that was filmed in our kitchen. The bodyguards taste-test his food for him, and the disgusted look on Jim’s face is priceless!”

Jarboe also tried a concept which he felt had not been used in a music video before, having each of the musicians play their instruments, but never together as a band. The result is random shots of the bodyguards playing instruments, but never more than one at a time.

“In true secret service fashion, we had to have someone take a ‘bullet’ for Jim, and we picked Ollie to do it. The bullet comes in the form of a newspaper as the paperboy tosses it in the yard and tries to hit Jim with it. Ollie actually did hurt himself diving in front of it and had left early, limping away.”

Ashley didn’t want to give any more of the video away, but did volunteer that it has a happy ending.

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