Jeromie Stephens’ images from Camp Springs

Sammy Shelor grabs a selfie with Bobby Osborne at Camp Springs 2021 – photo by Jeromie Stephens

We were fortunate to have photographer Jeromie Stephens at last weekend’s Camp Springs Bluegrass Festival, where he not only documented many of the stage shows, but also captured some terrific images from behind the scenes. Especially shooting backstage, where so many of us never get a chance to see the performers at their ease.

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About the Author

Jeromie Stephens

Jeromie Stephens has been photographing bluegrass musicians for a little over 30 years. In keeping with the photo-reportage styles of Jim Marshall, Carl Fleischauer and Les Leverett, he shoots in black and white and tries to always stay in close to his subjects. He was first published by FRETS! Magazine in 1986, his junior year of high school. He's illustrated articles for Bluegrass Unlimited, Rolling Stone, Guitar Player, The Washington Post, The Nashville Tennessean and Fretboard Journal. Additionally his photos have been used in CD packages for musicians like Tony Rice, Danny Gatton and Lou Pallo. Jeromie lives in Fredericksburg, VA with his wife, April and youngest son, JJ. You are likely to see JJ with his Dad taking photos at festivals.