Jason Barie joins Larry Stephenson Band

Jason BarieSince it’s inception in 1989, The Larry Stephenson Band has been a four piece ensemble. Now, in 2007, the cast has been expanded to include a fifth member, Jason Barie, on fiddle. Jason’s background includes classical, bluegrass, gospel, and country music. He is a 6-time winner of the Florida State Fiddle Championship., and has played on over 20 albums.

With the addition of Jason, the line up of the band is now:

  • Larry Stephenson – mandolin
  • Dustin Benson – guitar
  • Kyle Perkins – upright bass
  • Kristin Scott Benson – banjo
  • Jason Barie – fiddle

Having performed as a four piece for such a length of time, one might wonder why Larry decided at this point to hire a fifth member. The answer it seems is two fold. Apparently he felt the addition of a fiddle would bring a new dimension to the band sound that would engender a change for the better. Secondly, it seems they were in need of another vocalist to complete the quartet.

A quartet of vocals would be important considering the band is currently putting the finishing touches on a brand new gospel album due out sometime late spring or early summer 2007 on the Pinecastle label.