Jamie Dailey: Bluegrass Ambassador

Jamie Daley: Bluegrass AmbassadorWe are all aware of the tensions surrounding international diplomacy these days. Instability in the Middle East and the rising economic power of China are two major concerns not only of Americans, but also our international friends and partners.

Some of our friends aren’t as close as we would like, and for that reason we send Ambassadors to those countries. The Ambassador’s job varies depending on what country he is sent to and the purpose of his visit.

Bluegrass music is proud to acknowledge the latest Ambassador to represent the interests of the US overseas. Jamie Dailey left yesterday functioning in the role of temporary Ambassador and serving as Chairman of the Delegation for the ACG (American Council on Germany). The twelve day trip begins in Munich, tours the country of Germany, and culminates in Berlin.

Jaimie is known to bluegrass fans the world over for his nine year tenure with the award winning Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver. He is also an accomplished songwriter with artists such as Ricky Skaggs having recently cut his songs. In 2008 he will begin touring with his new band, The Dailey Vincent Band. For the next twelve days, Europe will know him as Ambassador Dailey.

The main purpose of the Delegation is to discuss, with German and other EU Heads of State, Iran and nuclear weapons, and how the US and EU should deal with the problem. Other issues that will also be dealt with include, 2007 elections in Turkey, the rise of China to superpower status, and the German government’s Grand Coalition.

The trip concludes in Berlin at a Gala dinner where Ambassador Dailey will perform three songs for the gathered Heads of State. Jamie will be playing guitar and singing, solo.

Jamie has asked that the bluegrass community remember him in their prayers for these next twelve days as he travels and attempts to make a difference in this world.