Is Frank’s Kitchen really dirty?

Frank's Pork ChopsBand names are always fun. We’ve talked about them before and told you stories of where they come from. We recently brought you news of Frank Solivan’s new band, Dirty Kitchen. We thought it would be fun to explore why Frank named his band this way.

First, it is the title of a track from his first CD, I Am A Rambler. But why even name a song Dirty Kitchen, let alone carry that name over for the band?

Frank has a love for the kitchen that nearly rivals his love of bluegrass. In fact, he’s quite the chef. Many bands are starting to include blogs on their site to journal their road trips and keep fans connected. Frank is blogging about food on his site! The blog is called The Chopping Blog.

I thought it would be a good idea to give folks a clearer understanding of why the band is called dirty kitchen. I’ll eventually have sheet music of mine to check out on there and new recipes a couple of times a week.

No sheet music yet, but there are four or five excellent looking dishes that Frank has prepared and is graciously providing his recipes for. He tells me he’s working on writing out the mandolin part for the tune Dirty Kitchen and will feature it soon on the blog.

It may be a week or two before he finds time for it though. He’s currently on the road with the Navy Band, finishing up his last tour with the group. Tonight they play in Lakeland, FL. There are only 10 more dates after tonight, and then if you want to hear Frank, you’ll hear him with Dirty Kitchen.

You’ll find The Chopping Blog on Frank’s site by clicking the appropriately named link.