Into The Blue: 200 Affiliate Stations

Into The Blue - hosted by Terry HerdTerry Herd first began his bluegrass radio show, Into The Blue, on KUMA in Pendleton, Oregon. That was in May of 1992, now in March of 2007 Into The Blue has added it’s 200th affiliate station, making Into The Blue easily the largest bluegrass radio show in syndication.

Commenting on his show’s success, lays the credit squarely on the music itself.

It’s been impressive to see the demand for bluegrass build on virtually every level. I think our success on commercial radio shows that high quality bluegrass music is not only accepted by the mainstream country fan, it is rapidly becoming part of the culture of successful commercial country radio.

Among the 200 stations currently playing Into The Blue are the legendary WSM AM in Nashville, WMC Memphis, KVOO Tulsa and WBKR Owensboro. I’ll relate to you here, that KVOO was were I first heard contemporary bluegrass music that made me want to be in this industry. I was living in Wyoming at the time and heard Ronnie Bowman’s cut Cold Virginia Night. That changed the course of my life and I now live in Southwest Virginia and attempt to make a living in bluegrass!

The Into The Blue website features a page where you can select a station in your area that does not currently carry the show and send them an email requesting that they do so. Click Here.

  • Congrats and “job well done” to Terry!

    Brance- you “discovered” bluegrass the same way I did! KVOO. I grew up in Tulsa and KVOO was THE station. I fell in love with country music (the real stuff) and discovered bluegrass thanks to that station. We’ll not discuss how long ago that was….


  • Bless your heart Terry. After you launched the SIRIUS Bluegrass channel you gave me the first show a podcaster ever had on SIRIUS, or XM. Thank you. I owe you so much.

    Your pal,


  • Hey Lowell, I picked up KVOO all the way up in Wyoming one night on my truck radio. I was blown away by Ronnie’s singing and had to find out more about that music. It was Del Davis hosting the show. I later went to school with her son Philip at South Plains College in Levelland, TX. Funny how small the world really is.

  • It can be a small world sometimes. Especially when you move around as much you and I have! I’ve been trying all week to remember some of the names from KVOO. Del Davis is one of many. I can hear their voices but can’t remember their names… I don’t think we ever changed the station back then.