Infamous Stringdusters release live version of Laws Of Gravity

What do you do after you release a successful new album of original material? Well, you then release a live version of that same album a few months later.

That’s the path being taken by the Infamous Stringdusters, whose Laws Of Gravity Live is set to drop tomorrow. It’s the same songs, in the same order, performed by the same musicians, but captured live on stage at four different venues since January of this year. For some time now, they have recorded their live appearances with multi-track equipment, both to analyze previous performances and to have an audio template for setting up their sound system night after night.

The ‘Dusters have long been known for their jam-centered stage shows, with some fans choosing to purchase live sets directly from the band instead of the studio albums. But now these folks can pick up a fully live version of Laws Of Gravity, and see how the songs have fared on stage.

Or as banjoist Chris Pandolfi put it…

“One of the best things about making a new album is the infusion of new material in the live show. As Laws Of Gravity was about to drop, we were adapting all the songs for the show, trying different arrangements and seeing which ones would lend themselves to extended improvisation, transitions, teases, etc. Unlike some previous albums, all the songs have found a meaningful place in the live repertoire, some evolving significantly from their original iterations on the album. Laws Of Gravity: Live will give everyone a chance to hear that evolution, and to enjoy the great energy that the fans brought to our album release tour.”

Look for the live edition to be released digitally on Friday, June 23.

The band will be touring nearly non-stop through the rest of the summer. Check their web site for details.

And if you want a reminder of how strong the material on Laws Of Gravity is, check out this four and a half minute mash up of all the tracks which they recorded earlier this year.

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