Congratulations Rhonda, for speaking up for what you believe to be right for the industry and not following those who are afraid to say what they believe.

Your comment that you had found others who felt like you did within the group was interesting .  Did no one else see it? Or, was it easier to go along with whatever? 

Individual musicians should be recogonized, those who love bluegrass and stayed with it over the years when it wasn’t a winner know how important they are to the band, often they are the band.

We do not need high profile celebrities from other areas coming to help Bluegrass Performers get their show out to the people or telling the performers what the peopel want and like.  I think the artist know what the people want, the fans let you know because you take the time to listen.

I have gone to the more high end places or collosieums to see a bluegrass show and when they try to use the big screens they often don’t know one instrument from the other.  A banjo can be features and they will have the camera on the wrong musician.  Mis-spelled names, speak the names incorectly, and push the fans back. Tell the performers how many songs to do and forget about bringing the performers back, they are on the clock.  Cameras Rolling.

This is bluegrass not country!!! Should have never gone to Nashville…..Fans didn’t have any say in that either.  The move was made and the  contract signed before anyone knew it actually, I did ask and was told it was a rumor and then a few months later the announement was made.

Most of all speak up make the calls and let it be known we don’t like it.

Sad Sue