IBMA Foundation Strings For Dreams raffle starts today

The IBMA Foundation has launched their fourth Strings For Dreams raffle today, where a lucky winner could end up with a classic Deering Golden Era banjo for only a $20 ticket.

This is a major fundraising opportunity for the Foundation to support its programs and initiatives to foster the growth of bluegrass music, particularly among young people. The banjo was donated to the Foundation by Casey Henry, and its replacement cost in a new Deering would be roughly $5,700, with this 13 year old banjo carrying a value of $4,000. This is a first rate professional model instrument which is appointed very much like the banjos made prior to WWII, hence the name, Golden Era.

In their raffle announcement, the IBMA Foundation describes the 2011 model Deering as follows:

 A maple, pre-war style bluegrass banjo made like the classic banjos of the 1930s with the same materials and the same weight, design, and features, the Golden Era is one of Deering’s most popular banjos for traditional bluegrass bands. Adorned with a hearts and flowers inlay pattern, this beautiful banjo has a genuine Deering 06-20-hole bell bronze tone ring. The drum assembly and neck shape are designed for crisp and strong bass notes as well as the distinct clear high tones of the cherished classic bluegrass sound.

$20 raffle tickets will be offered for sale online through May 12 at midnight. Packs of six chances are offered for $100. A winner will be announced shortly thereafter.

You must be a US citizen 18 or older to participate, and not live in a state that prohibits raffles (Alabama, Arkansas, Hawaii, and Utah).

Proceeds from the Strings For Dreams raffle will be used to help fund the Foundation’s many college scholarships and grants.

Full details can be found online.

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