IBMA controversy

I am an international IBMA member from the Netherlands. All I wish to say about the controversy which arose at the recent IBMA show is: Keep American politics out of bluegrass. The two (should) have nothing to do with each other! Mr. Bush’s foreign policy is losing support fast, both at home and abroad. If bluegrass is linked with the declining image of current U.S. foreign policy, bluegrass is bound to become tainted and will lose support around the globe. This, of course, does not mean that I, and many others abroad, don’t empathize with all the U.S. servicemen and -women that are doing their jobs under very difficult circumstances, far away from home. Bluegrass should, and does deal with those issues, witness Rhonda’s latest album. But U.S. politics and patriotic displays should not have a place at an award show which claims to be international.

  • westvon

    To our good friend from the Netherlands I have to say that he doesn’t have to like, or dislike our patriotic songs. My question would be, Where’s the controversy? The answer is that you have created the controversy by being offended. It would be a whole lot different if the IBMA took sides and started bashing particular people whether in office or not. This is clearly not the case, and the leadership of the IBMA has been very careful to NOT do such a thing. Patriotic songs, on the other hand, are not politics, and Americans (of all political persuasions), are not going to apologize for loving this country and singing its patriotic songs. Please keep in mind that you were a guest in our country (and we are thrilled to have you visiting us) and we have a right to sing our country’s songs. You don’t have to like it, but that’s just the way it is. you also mentioned the foreign policy of a past president.The last time I checked he was retired and working n a Texas farm somewhere. “Oh say can you see….” my good friend.

  • 5 String

    This is the United States of America, not the United Nations of America. If our patriotism offends you, then by all means feel free to stay at home. You won’t find or get an apology here…however you may get one if you call the White House. Good luck.

  • StewartE

    Westvon, you might want to check the dates a little closer. Rob didn’t refer to “a past president”, because the post you’re commenting on is four years old.