I Will Wait video from Mumford & Sons

Babel - Mumford & SonsMumford & Sons have released a new music video in advance of their upcoming CD release.

This British quartet present something of a dilemma for many bluegrass fans. Rootsy to the core, their sound draws on elements of bluegrass and folk, but presented with a sensibility and stage performance more at home in the alt-rock world. But banjo and reso-guitar are prominent in much of their music, and measured both in ticket and CD sales, they are a force to be reckoned with in the mainstream music market.

Particularly among younger grassers, Mumford & Sons has found an audience among folks who follow bluegrass. For purists, they are something of a bitter pill, especially when they hear someone say, “Oh… I love bluegrass – like Mumford & Sons!”

So without comment on that question, here is the band’s new video, for the song I Will Wait.



Mumford & Sons are currently touring the US. The new album, Babel, is due on September 24 from island Records.

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  • Dennis Jones

    The “Bitter Pill” to swallow is how some people inside the Bluegass Industry won’t tell those “young grassers” there’s a difference between Rock music and Bluegrass and help promote their music as Bluegrass. This is a Rock song, average modern College Rock. They stole The Avett Brothers old gig which is really funny. What is the funniest thing about this and many other “Big Tent” bands is they don’t call them self a Bluegrass band. Many real Bluegrass fans and professionals still stand up and tell the “new grassers” about the difference and where they can find real Bluegrass music. Look at the charts that appear on this very web-site, do you see “Big Tent” acts on it? This song has about as much to do with Bluegrass as Lady Gaga does to Country music. Remember, it’s sometimes just like Ol’ Bill said…”That ain’t no part of nuthin’…”