Hunt Brothers Band launches duo format

What do you get when you have two brothers with a strong support team, and a lifelong dream? Let me introduce you to The Hunt Brothers Band.

Andrew and Jonathan Hunt began playing at an early age, and before long their parents were on board, and they were playing as The Hunt Family Band. They began taking lessons from Oklahoman, Cowboy Jim Garling, who taught the brothers their instrument lessons and music theory, however, he went one step further by introducing the Hunts to the mechanics of being in a band. Garling also made an introduction that will forever be emblazoned in their minds when Cowboy Jim familiarized them with Oklahoma bluegrass legends, Byron Berline and John Hickman. This acquaintance laid the foundation for hours of mentoring by Berline and Hickman, something most young musicians could never achieve. The Hunts had the opportunity to sit in with The Byron Berline Band many times, perform at Byron’s Oklahoma International Bluegrass Festival, and to become friends with the Berline Family, (both musically and personally).

Upon Byron’s death, The Berline Band honored the Hunt Brothers with an invitation to join them in the final months of 2021, before the band ultimately retired at the end of the year. A mere 60 days or so later, The Hunt Brothers were given the opportunity of a lifetime. They did not hesitate to step up to the plate, financially or physically, to keep the bluegrass music alive in Guthrie, OK. The Hunt Brothersares now the house band at The Double Stop Music Hall, which is right next door to Byron’s Fiddle Shop, both legacies of Byron Berline’s love for bluegrass and fiddle music.

Currently residing in Guthrie, Andrew (the eldest) plays mandolin and fiddle. A 2015 graduate of Middle Tennessee State University Music Business, he has a ton of experience under his belt. Also a natural singer, Andrew took a job at Compass Records on Music Row in Nashville after graduation.

Jonathan plays banjo and guitar in the Hunt Brothers Band, and is currently living in Stillwater, Oklahoma, where he is a full time graduate student. Jonathan is a very talented engineer and producer as well. In fact, he was the engineer and producer of Byron Berline’s final recording, Remember When.  

While this duo has a dream, they also have a goal, to present a quality family show and build relationships throughout Oklahoma and beyond at the Music Hall. Using a number of veteran players in addition, they present a full band show.

Berline’s four grandchildren are now being taught by The Hunt Brothers. Andrew said, “Byron would want people to have a great time and enjoy music.” Summing it all up, Jonathan added, “You gotta love up your musical family.”

While the Hunt Brothers may have big shoes to fill at the Music Hall, one may question, “Do they have the charisma, and the talent to keep the Double Stop Music Hall going?” It is a definite yes!

 For booking information, you may contact Andrew at 405-612-7425 or contact them by email.

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