Huber/AcuTab marketing association to end

As of September 1, 2005, AcuTab will no longer function as the marketing and promotional arm of Huber Banjos, nor the sole source for ordering and customer service. This exclusive relationship which has existed since Huber Banjos launched in 2001 has served both companies well, but changes in future plans for both both AcuTab and Huber have suggested the need for Huber to bring all marketing and promotional efforts in house.

AcuTab will continue to carry Huber Banjo accessories and may resume offering Huber Banjos on a non-exclusive basis at some point in the future when Huber production is better able to keep pace with the growing demand for these fine banjos.

More details about this changeover can be found on the AcuTab web site.

AcuTab is the company founded and operated by John Lawless, one of the authors of Bluegrass Today.