Honi Deaton and Dream – Chasin’ Dreams

Honi Deaton and Dream - Chasin' DreamsLast month saw the release of a new CD, Chasin’ Dreams, by Honi Deaton & Dream. This is the third release from this Georgia based band. Each release has been 2 years after the one before, and Chasin’ Dreams is right on schedule.

The songs on the disc represent a mixture of driving bluegrass and slower, heart felt melodies. The first track is an uptempo version of the bluegrass classic Rollin’ In My Sweet Baby’s Arms. Other tracks that caught my ear were the gospel a cappella tune Ain’t No Grave , and another gospel song appropriate to this time of year, Via Dolorosa.

Samples of all the tracks are available on the bands website. The CD is also available for purchase on the same page via Paypal.