Hills and Home video from High Fidelity

Nashville’s High Fidelity continues their bluegrass reclamation project with the debut single from their upcoming Rebel Records project. This young quintet is dedicated to preserving the sound from the early days of bluegrass, and does so with verve and tremendous enthusiasm, even mimicking the clothing and stage shows that typified the style in its infancy.

August will bring their first Rebel album, The Hills and Home, with a single for the title track available now online. It’s a remake of a John Duffey song originally recorded by The Country Gentlemen in 1959. Sung as a trio from start to finish, High Fidelity gives it a fresh reading, perfectly capturing the joy to be found in the lyrics.

The band is the brainchild of husband-and-wife team Jeremy Stephens and Corrina Rose Logston, who play guitar and fiddle respectively, ably assisted by Vickie Vaughan on bass, Kurt Stephenson on banjo, and Daniel Amick on mandolin. Together they recreate the excitement of the time when this music was new, a period long before any of them had been born.

August 3 is the anticipated release for The Hills and Home album on Rebel, but the single can be had now from all the popular download sites. It is available to radio programmers at AirPlay Direct.

If you don’t like this, you don’t like bluegrass!

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