Health Insurance Sign Up Time

David Moultrop, who has worked with the IBMA Wellness Committee for several years and is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker near Boston, asked us to share this reminder for bluegrass artists about the new health care law which requires US citizens to be enrolled in an insurance plan. He put it together with his daughter Elise Moultrup Bruderly, who is a Licensed Master Social Worker.

healthOpen Enrollment for health insurance coverage began over the weekend, 11/15. There is a risk of serious financial and health consequences if you get sick and don’t have coverage. A health insurance premium each month may seem like too much to bother with, but the consequences of not having coverage are potentially catastrophic. Here are the steps to take to get coverage.

  1. Go to to find out what plans are available for what prices. You can preview plans and get estimated prices right now.
  2. Certain income ranges will be eligible for savings, and most people must have health coverage or pay a fee, but some people may be eligible for exemptions.
  3. There is help available to figure out the plans and pricing, get enrolled, and ask questions, either by phone or through local help centers – all info for this is on the website.
  4. And, if you don’t know where to start, call 1-800-318-2596.

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David Moultrup

David Moultrup works with the Wellness Committee for IBMA. He has a private practice in psychotherapy, and has been an avid musician his entire life.