Good news from Raymond Fairchild

We’ve received a number of very encouraging reports from the Fairchild family regarding Raymond’s recovery from a serious tractor accident on August 20. While mowing the grass on a hillside, the tractor flipped and landed on him, resulting in multiple broken bones, a concussion, and a deep gash across his face.

Raymond has spent much of the time since then in ICU, but the word now is that he is recovering nicely from the pneumonia that had set in, and that he has turned the corner. His family expects that he will remain hospitalized for several more weeks for physical therapy, but that they see no reason not to hope for a full recovery.

The injuries he suffered would be rough on anyone, but at 78 years of age, things don’t heal so quickly.

His family shared this statement indicating that he is still susceptible to infection, so they are requesting no visitors for a bit longer.

“We wanted to give everyone an update on Raymond. He is making progress and he is still in recovery. The antibiotics are working as for the pneumonia and his oxygen level has stabilized which we are very grateful for that! We have had so many wonderful folks message us asking about Raymond. The healing part is going to be a slow process. We have been asked if Raymond is allowed visitors…. not at this time, since we do not want him to take a backset of something… plus he needs all the rest he can get. When that time comes, we will let his friends an extended family know. Again, we want to thank everyone for all their thoughts and continued prayers. With much love and appreciation.”

Raymond Fairchild has long been a beloved figure in bluegrass music, especially in and around his Maggie Valley home in western North Carolina. There he has operated the Maggie Valley Opry for many years, hosting traditional bluegrass and mountain music concerts on a regular basis.

Let’s hope he is back on that stage soon!

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