Get To Know Your Acoustic Guitar

Get To Know Your Acoustic Guitar featuring Marty LanhamHow many steel string acoustic guitars do you think are sold each year? I don’t know either, but it must surely be in the millions.

With a large bulk of them being sold – or given – to folks without much knowledge of the workings of a flat top box, one imagines that there are millions more who own a guitar and don’t know much at all about how it works, or what should be done to keep it in top condition.

It is for just these people that the newest DVD release from AcuTab was produced, as well as for serious guitarists and guitar owners who want to know more about their cherished six strings.

Get To Know Your Acoustic Guitar featuring Marty Lanham is designed as a DVD owner’s manual for guitarists. Marty Lanham is a well-respected luthier and the owner/builder of the Nashville Guitar Co. Top Nashville guitarists in both bluegrass and country music regularly entrust him with their priceless vintage instruments for set up, repair or restoration, and many of them also use his fine, hand made guitars on stage or in the studio.

The 2 hour video takes the viewer through an overview of the various component parts of the guitar, and how they work together to create its distinctive tone.

It also covers the most crucial guitar repair issues and how you can both spot and prevent them. Fret wear, loose braces, bridge plate wear, bridge pulling up, and neck twist and warpage are among the topics covered in detail, with many close ups. Marty goes over neck relief, temperature and humidity, tuning machines, intonation, finish issues and when a guitar’s neck may need to be reset. Causes (and corrections) for high or low action are also discussed and demonstrated.

AcuTab has posted a clip on YouTube with a number of brief video samples, along with clips from their various other banjo, guitar, mandolin and fiddle DVD projects.

It’s not meant to teach you to become a luthier, but to educate and inform while providing insight about the care and repair of your steel string pals.

The new DVD is due for release on February 15, with advance orders being accepted now. Get more details (screenshots, video clips) on the AcuTab web site.