Gena Britt temporarily with Carolina Road Band

The Carolina Road Band is currently going through some personnel changes. Gena Britt and her husband Tim Tew have joined the band for the first part of 2006. Lorraine Jordan tells us:

Gena and her husband Tim have agreed to join Carolina Road for the start of the upcoming season. Gena and I also play together in the Daughters of Bluegrass. The Daughters of Bluegrass are signed with Blue Circle Records out of Nashville, TN. Carolina Road plans to stay traditional and looks forward to a new show for 2006.

We contacted Gena to ask her about it, and to find out what her future plans were.

For the time being, I will be playing banjo and Tim (my husband) will be playing dobro until about mid-April this year (unless she finds permanent replacements before then). Lorraine is beginning her search for permanent band members and she’s making an effort to find the right people for the job.

After Tim & I finish our free-lance gig with Lorraine, we have alot of great things coming up. I have a new album coming out this year called “Doing All I Can” and I will be re-forming the Gena Britt Band.

Be sure to check back here in the future as we’ll bring you updates about Gena’s new CD and new band.