Gangstagrass on Justified tonight

JustifiedJustified is a new TV show on the FX network. It’s the story of a Deputy U.S. Marshal, Raylan Givens, in Kentucky. It looks like fun. The producers have mixed together some great ingredients: Kentucky, old fashioned quick-draw gun fights, and even a little bluegrass seasoning. When looking for a theme song, the show’s producers wanted something that captured both the throwback to traditional Kentucky heritage and the more urban, hip-hop sound often associated with law enforcement type TV shows.

For that reason, they made the decision to use a track from the Gangstagrass CD. We told you about Gangstagrass nearly two years ago, and shared a short interview with Rench, the creator/producer of this new mashup.

The song used in the show is titled On The Run. It’s primarily a blues flavored hip-hop song with fiddle, banjo, and resonator guitar woven into the instrumental textures. It’s actually pretty cool, but be warned it’s not entirely family friendly as it does contain a few objectionable words here and there.

Here’s a description of the show from

JUSTIFIED is the story of Deputy U.S. Marshal RAYLAN GIVENS (Timothy Olyphant), a true-blue hero and something of a throwback, given to wearing a Stetson and cowboy boots, carrying his sidearm in a hip holster – a weapon he only draws when he has to, and when he does, he shoots to kill, because, as he sees it, that’s the purpose of a gun.

Raylan was born and reared in the hill country of eastern Kentucky. . . incurring the wrath of his Marshals Service superiors, Raylan has been sent in punishment (and by fate?) to the one place to which he vowed he would never return – Kentucky.

Below I’ve embedded the trailer for the show Justified, which includes the Gangstagrass track. The show is new and the second episode airs tonight at 10 PM EST on the FX Network. You can hear parts of the song at different times during the trailer. Another, episode specific, trailer actually featured a couple quick shots of a banjo player. If you’d like to hear the full sound track, you can do so by visiting the Gangstagrass Facebook page and clicking on the song title, On The Run, in the music player on the left side of the page.