G2 in the studio this April

G2 Bluegrass BandSwedish grassmeisters G2 will be traveling to Nashville this Spring to record their next album, Mind Over Matter.

Like their previous projects, this one will focus on new songs written by guitarist/vocalist Christoffer Olsson, along with contributions from other prominent acoustic and bluegrass writers. Unlike the two prior G2 efforts, however, this time the guys will be trailed by a videographer to capture the process on tape.

Manning the camera will be David Elfgren, fellow Stockholm-ite and friend of the band. G2 banjo picker Jens Koch tells us that they have no concrete plans for whatever footage they get, but they all hope to end up with something they can use in promoting the record. Either way, having a video camera looking over their shoulders throughout will be a new experience.

Also new this time for G2 will be working with a producer, and recording the whole project in a single two week period.

Jens again…

“Erick Jaskowiak will engineer and produce the album with us. It was great to have him here in Stockholm for a couple of days. He brought fresh ideas to our arrangements and he seems easy to work with and seems to have really good ears. It’ll be great fun to go record with him in Nashville in the springtime.


Our friend Chris Pandolfi was the guy to turn us on to Erick when I asked him for good engineers. So about a year ago I got in touch with Erick, who also turned out to have interest in producing our record. We are excited about that since we haven’t worked with a producer before.

Our friends Shelby and Courtney of Della Mae also vouched for him last year when they visited Stockholm. He engineered their album This World Oft Can Be, which was nominated for a Grammy, and has traveled with them a lot doing their sound.”

Koch says that Jaskowiak has a girlfriend in Norway, so it wasn’t as hard as you might think to entice him over from Nashville for pre-production meetings.

G2 fans can place pre-orders now, and help support the new project, by visiting their page at Indiegogo.

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