Funny… or what?

Noted comedian and banjo picker Ed Helms, he of The Hangover and The Office fame, has created another clever video for Funny Or Die featuring his banjo pickin’ persona.

You may recall the hilarious spoof he did with Noam Pikelny when Noam’s Beat The Devil And Carry A Rail CD hit last Fall.

This new video finds Ed infiltrating deep into the bowels of Hollywood from the hills of Appalachia.

Or is it the other way ’round?

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  • Lisa Jacobi

    These are the folks that live down the street from me. oops.

  • Dick Bowden

    I guess I’d have to go with “or what?”

    Some funny elements in it, but if you’re going to do something even faintly offensive to any parties, the rule of comedy says it had better be REAL funny.

    It’s not “that” funny. To me at least.

    Now SNL’s “Appalachian ER” bit, that was funny.

  • Dennis Jones

    “Or what”